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Human Resourses training of Ferrexpo Belanovo Mining is a crucial component of human resourses development and aimed to improve human resourses professional composition, forming their high professionalism, skills, up-to-date economic way of thinking. Training is carried out in following directions:

  • uniform and soft skills development training (soft skills);
  • professional skills training: basic training, re-education, advanced training, permits, performance assessment, development of versatility (hard skills);
  • induction training when recruiting for all levels and ranks;
  • industrial and labour safety training.

Workers professional skills’ training is fulfilled mostly at the premises of Ferrexpo Poltava Mining training unit, which is one of FERREXPO Group companies. Instructional personnel of unit are skilled employees of Ferrexpo Poltava and Yeristovo Mining, and also external instructors.

As industrial safety considers being one of the keystones of company activities, then much attention is focused on human resourses training of labour safety issues.

Both for uniform soft skills development and professional skills evolution, company employees attend public seminars, trainings, conferences and exhibitions.

Induction training of new employees means the acquaintance with company culture, its politics and organizational issues. Such trainings has a lection format, film demonstration, and, besides, self-studying. We individualize our employees development.