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Ferrexpo Belanovo Mining LLC (FBM) is established in 2009 in order for industrial development of Belanovskoye and Galeschinskoye jaspilite deposit. Mining production development program provides carrying-out of stripping works with iron-ore production (capacity up to 45 mln t/y), concentration plant and auxiliary infrastructure facilities construction, and in sight – pelletizing plant.

As for now entity is going through initial stage of construction, dealing with project design and undergoing their expert reviews, land allotment.

It is economically feasible to develop Galeschinskoye deposit by shaft method. Deposit stripping is planned to fulfill with mine shaft and inclined adit from eastern edge of Belanovo mine.
Feasibility study of Belanovskoye and Galeschinskoye deposit was performed by Consulting company Turgis (Republic of South Africa).
Mining plan (phase 1) was executed by company “Royal Haskoning DHV” (Great Britain).


FBM will represent one of the places for mining, which are the part of Kremenchug magnetic anomaly.FBM layout:

~ 20 km north-east from Komsomolsk
~ 25 km east from Kremenchug


Main activities.

FBM activity object will be:

  • • exploration and operation of mineral deposits, ore production and processing, manufactured products distribution (concentrate, pellets), other minerals;
  • construction works;
  • designing, searching and all works performance, related to common use project construction, infrastructure and transport, soil tillage and earth excavation works.

At present time for updating of engineering geological characteristics of stripping soils, their hydrogeological development conditions, and also definition of actual stable slope of waste dump benches and horizons, works are being held at Pilot Industrial Area, which will allow to elect the most effective mining equipment while upper soils stripping and, besides, previously to determine deposit dewatering method.