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Safety, labor protection and health are the highest priority in the activities of LLC Belanovsky GOK, and the results of work on safety and labor protection are one of the KPIs – key performance indicators of the executive management. Now at LLC Belanovskiy GOK, the Occupational Safety Management System is being implemented, which meets the requirements of ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (an internationally recognized standard).

Occupational health and safety policy

The most important priorities:

– occupational safety and health of employees are primary in relation to the results of production activities;

– creation of safe and healthy working conditions at workplaces to prevent industrial herbs and occupational diseases;

– leadership of the management and responsibility of employees in the field of occupational health and safety;

– carrying out systematic work to assess industrial risks, develop and implement measures to reduce them and control risks in the field of health and safety at work.

Management commitment:

– adhere to the requirements of legislation, regulatory legal acts in the field of labor protection and promote compliance with legal norms by contractors;

– to ensure safe and healthy working conditions by taking measures to improve working conditions and prevent industrial injuries;

– to use world experience to improve the safety of workers of the plant and contractors;

– organize training and increase the competence of workers in occupational safety in order to identify and thoroughly assess the level of risks and reduce them.

Each hired employee, and an employee of the contractor who enters the plant to perform work, undergoes an introductory briefing on labor protection, providing pre-medical assistance to victims, as well as on the rules of behavior in emergencies, fires and natural disasters. The introductory briefing is carried out using the website of the labor protection service of Belanovskiy GOK LLC. For the introductory briefing, Microsoft Power Point presentations developed by labor protection specialists are used, as well as video materials developed by state training centers.