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Labour Safety, labour and Health protection are in high priority while FBM activity, and Labour Safety and Protection results consider to be one of the KPI’s – key performance indicators of executive management. Nowadays Labour Safety Management System is being integrated at FBM, meeting OHSAS 18001 requirements (internationally acceptable standard of occupational health and safety management).

Each employed person completes a labour safety induction. Induction is provided using Labour Safety department site. While induction, presentations Microsoft Power Point, designed by specialists of Labour Safety department, are used, and also video material, developed by state training centers + further Labour Safety training (both within company and in external training centers), according to the functions.

FBM objectives and initiatives:
  • Cause certification process according OHSAS 18001;
  • Aim to zero mortality rate and implementation of LTIFR indicators;
  • Develop conscious attitude for Labour Safety and prevent accidents with the help of Labour Safety policy expansion and trainings;
  • Deploy of professional hazard assessment as for FBM employees, so for contractors.

Labour hygiene.

Solid approach to Labour and Health Safety: from occupational diseases prevention to contribution of employees’ well-being, both at work and home. For example: each FBM employee has right for medical support at Ferrexpo Poltava Mining hospital.

Ferrexpo Belanovo Mining has spent UAH 34 thousand 434 for human resourses medical support in 2014.

  • Labour Safety sufficient training;
  • Detailed monitoring and control over Labour Safety issues;
  • Providing with personal protective equipment (minimum set of PPE which employee must have, when being in pit: helmet, reflective vest or jacket, special shoes and glasses);
  • Medical examination while employing;
  • Periodical medical check-ups;
  • Health treatment and recreation;
  • Corporate medical insurance and free medical service for human resourses in Ferrexpo Poltava Mining hospital.
Other FBM initiatives for employees’ occupational health and safety activities:
  • Providing with drinking water and milk products (last –having harmful labour conditions certified by workplace assessment);
  • Installation of following informational boards: Labour and Health Safety, fire safety, traffic safety at company facilities;
  • Using FBM Labour Safety site for Labour and Health Safety training and safety knowledge assessment;
  • Air conditioners at FBM premises.